A true vacation is a tour where you have the beauty of spirituality, the sensationalism of romanticism, the avenues for exploration, and the road to adventure.

Cuba is the place that you should visit because apart from its historic telltales, there is a lot to discover here on the Caribbean island.

The lyrical beauty of Cuba

The exotic beaches from where you can simply glance into the glittering turquoise waters at Holguin or you can just take a step side to muse in the aloneness of thee beaches. If you are not someone who loves to romanticize beaches, then you can march into the Santiago de Cuba festive streets to join the carnival.

From the water sports to discovering the cultural fabrics and the heritage of the country, you have a multitude of options that you can choose from for your vacation depending upon your mood and your preferences.

Things to do in Cuba

For the explorers and admirers of cultural heritage, exploring the historic downtown of Havana should be in the itinerary. You might explore how the island has come into terms with the time and how it has developed over time.

Do not miss to visit the Che Guevara Mausoleum, Museum of the Revolution, and Castillo de San Pedro de la Roca. This place has historic significance and cultural narratives that can revive your knowledge of the country.

If you are someone who loves sipping wine, then you should drink at daiquiri because this is considered to be the birthplace of drinking.

For the foodies, it is a great place to be because the Cuban traditional food such as chicken-rice, sweet potatoes with garlic citrus sauce, and chickpea stew should be on the menu and you are definitely going to love the taste and the culinary culture.

You can take part in snorkeling and tobacco farm tours including other adventurous activities in the country.

How to plan the vacation?

The weather here is diverse but the best time would be June to November but you need to remember that it is also the hurricane season. It is ideally flocked by tourists in the winter and famous for sunbathing.

You should find good hotels and you are likely to find both luxury and budget hotels here but the best thing would be to find an experienced Cuba tour provider that can help you in finding a good travel plan and hotels along with other helps that you may need here in this country.

A Cuba vacation would unlike any other vacation because this small island is a confluence of cultural heritage, beautiful beaches, French architectural legacy, various fun-filled activities, and many more. All you need to do is to pack your bags and book the trip to find yourself in rare heaven known as Havana.

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