Even amidst pandemic – COVID 19, everybody wants to travel to different destinations. Pandemics should never restrict you from traveling or enjoying your vacations. You just have to ensure you consider all safety when traveling.

The hard-way decision between travel modes

Usually, for long-distance travel, people often enjoy air travel. But COVID 19 might just not be the right time to enjoy traveling by air. There may be numerous reasons why hiring private cab service is much safer as compared to air travel today.

You have to focus on safety and social distancing, which are two factors that may not be possible to maintain when traveling by air.

Cost factor

The first and foremost important difference between the two is the cost factor. Even during pandemics, air travel has got more expensive. Hiring a private cab still is affordable for many. If you are enjoying vacation travel to a nearby destination, road travels are always the best option.

Cost-wise, road travels are considered a more cost-effective option as compared to air travels so many vacation travelers, will always prefer road travels.

Social distancing factor

When traveling by air, you have to pass through busy airport counters for security and baggage checks. This means that you can never maintain social distancing at the airports. Apart from this even inside the flights, it is not possible to maintain social distancing.

No one can book an entire flight and travel alone. But when traveling by road, you have the convenience of hiring minibus and travel to your destination. You can also travel alone in your car.

Stop-over benefits

Air travels cannot offer flyers with customized stop-over benefits. You will only be able to fly in between selected destinations. But when renting a private cab or bus service, you have the benefit of customizing your entire travel plans.

You can request the cabby to halt as many places as possible to enjoy the sightseeing or your favorite coffee cup. If exhausted during travels, you can always request your chauffeur for a stopover at a restaurant or hotel at your will.


As far as air flights are concerned, they are safe means to travel far off destinations, but during pandemics, these options are not the best. A lot of other travelers share the same travel atmospheres with you inside the flight cabins.

Apart from this, flights are centrally air-conditioned, so each passenger is breathing the same air quality. This means that you may not be safe against being infected when traveling by air, during vacations. So as far as personal safety is concerned, in every aspect, hiring a private cab and traveling by road is always a much safer option. Even if you travel by bus still you have high personal safety levels during pandemic situations. 

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