Love is in the air but couples across the globe want to explore it in a more intimate way because, at times, it sounds like a philosophical term that is highly intellectualized. But the fact of the matter is that you need to find the most romantic places where even the intellectual ideas look real.

Japan is such a place that you can visit but then in this huge country, you should know the places that are good places for love-birds. Here is a list of places that you should visit with your partner in Japan.

Tokyo: A flamboyant display of offbeat cultural disposition

Undoubtedly, this is one of the lavish places where you can find luxurious hotels and exotic restaurants along with helicopter rides to enjoy the panoramic views of the city. The grandeur is just matchless but you can also have a different feeling when you sip coffee at the cafes or watch street festivals mesmerising you.

Whether you are having a glass of wine in some bar or you are just strolling in the city, you are going to find a sense of romanticism that is quite unique to the country.

Mt. Fuji: Reaching the zenith of romanticism

This is the place where you should be with your partner. The lakes here are just welcoming and the glittering waters could be utterly romantic if you know how to find the reflection of your souls in the clean waters.

That might sound an intellectual description but the fact is that here you have lakes, a range of flora and faunas just to feel the freshness of the air. You can visit the shrine and have a beautiful dinner at some restaurant. In brief, this will reignite and reinitiate the love and passion within you.

Kyoto: Find the stone of love

This old and historical city is considered to be a cultural hotspot, the famous temple of Kiyomizu Dera Temple is the place where couples find themselves searching for the stone of love to accomplish true love. Besides this, you can visit the Zen and bamboo garden to spend some beautiful time with your partner.  There are also museums for your intellectual; and philosophical curiosity.

Travel tips

  • Since the global events shape the tourism culture and your safety, you should always keep an eye on global events that are unfolding during your tour
  • It would be wise to get a good couple package from the good tour provider
  • Before you visit or even board the plane, you should carry pit your research and plan well

It is time to find the love and the rare romanticism that you are looking for here in Japan and the city will never disappoint you for it is the place where lovers always find the avenues to strengthen relationships.

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