Wondering what mode of transport you need to choose during the COVID -19 crises. Both air and cruise travel has been the most preferred ways to travel back in the pre-coronavirus day. 

In today’s time, choosing both air and cruise travel is more than just luxury and the amenities provided. Every traveler focuses on choosing a safer mode of transport and has less risk to health. People are looking for a travel option that can provide a COVID -19 free environment. 

With health guidelines issues every day by WHO, one cannot stop wondering which is better – air or cruise travel? If you are worried about it as well, here is how you can choose a safer mode of transport for long-distance travel. 


If you are wondering if air travel is better when compared to cruise, think about the space constraints. As cruise is larger, one might think that it is easy to maintain a distance of 6 feet from other passengers. When you travel by air, you can maintain a distance of 2 meters. But, you cannot just consider space constraint as a factor along. Let us see the other factors that can impact your decision. 

The Stops

If you think that the number of times a cruise ship or a flight stops is no concern, think once again. Flights normally have 2 or 3 stops but a cruise mostly stops at major towns and cities. This is where people as well as cargo move in and out. 

As per WHO, more stops and movement can increase the risk of infections, especially on a ship. Look at the past and you will be surprised to see various contagious were reported on cruise ships. So, you might be more susceptible to the infection when you are traveling by a cruise. 

The Journey Time

When you are taking a flight to travel long distances, the attendants ensure you disembark in a day or two. But, cruises, on the other hand, have longer travel distances, and a few journeys can go on for weeks. 

So, when you are traveling by a cruise, you share the space and common areas with many people for many days. This increases the risk of transmission. 

Medical Facilities 

When you are traveling by cruise, you do not have advanced medical facilities. Cruise passengers only enjoy a dispensary and infirmary at times, both of which are not useful when a serious illness occurs. And, as per the data collected, most of the people who travel by cruise are in their mid-age. 

It is estimated that more than 30 million passengers have traveled by cruise in the year 2019, with an average travel time of 7 days. Traveling on a cruise is not a smart decision amidst Covid-19, and it certainly looks like the ships will remain parked for a couple more months. 

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