Bahamas sound of breeze, sand, and a lot of fun. The Cat Island in the Bahamas is a mix of historical influence surrounded by gorgeous landscapes with an assortment of flora and fauna. The pristine beaches of Cat Island surrounded by rolling hills and nature trails make it a perfect place for visitors.

Planning a Vacation to Cat Island in Bahamas

There are many reasons you will not regret a vacation to Cat Island in the Bahamas. This island is not frequented by many tourists and is the perfect place to relax in the azure ocean water. The island is surrounded by villages and there are many nature trails to feed the adventure soul.

  • Cat Island Is located atop Mt. Alvernia and is the highest point in the Bahamas. This means reaching this island will bless you with a panoramic view of the ocean, beach, and the villages.
  • Cat Island is the perfect destination for historical buff as there are many architectural gems and churches with prolific history. This is a quiet and secluded island and is perfect for tourists looking for some relaxation time. The historical sites in Cat Island include the Arawak cave and the Armbrister plantation ruins
  • There are many water activities that one can enjoy with their visit and stay in Cat Island. Be it diving, snorkeling in the crystal-clear water, or exploring the beautiful underwater marine life. There are many gorgeous areas that one can explore.
  • Cat Island is full of beautiful geological formations and limestone cliffs that one can experience while hiking or exploring the Island.

Why take a vacation to Cat Island in Bahamas?

Cat Island is the 6th largest Island in the Bahamas and is a perfect place for an ideal beach vacation. The island is surrounded by gorgeous beaches that are less explored. The trails and hikes around the beaches are disturbed. The shallow beach water is perfect for swimming and enjoying a relaxing time.

There are many water bungalows and resorts that adds to the overall experience of Cat Island. It is a perfect destination to enjoy a luxurious vacation without your family or that special someone. There are many restaurants around the Island which serves authentic dishes.

The laid-back beach destination is surrounded by palm and coconut trees and many limestone cliff formations. Apart from staying there, one day is also enough for visiting all the points of attraction in Cat Island. There are many day boat and cruise trips for Cat Island. There are many interesting stories related to Cat Island about the existence of mermaid holes. The breathtaking ruins of Deveaux Mansion and Armbrister is a historian’s choice. The Hermitage stone monastery and the hike to reach the same is an amazing experience. The top offers a beautiful panoramic view of the surrounding. 

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