Whether you are an American in the UK or a UK citizen stranded in New York or a Thailand citizen stuck in Dubai in the middle of lockdown, you need to know these things that you should do to explore life at an unprecedented time.

Be aware and do not get panic-stricken:

The first thing that haunts people who are struck amidst lockdown is the fear of what might happen.  Here, you need to keep calm and be aware of what is unfolding at this moment in the regions where you are stranded.

If you are stuck in some hotel rooms in New York City, then switch on your TV and watch what Governor of New York is saying in his daily briefing. At the time of uncertainty what can make you less fearful is the “facts”

Do not get paranoid, you need to remember that challenges can be overcome by responding to them factually and mindfully, so remain informed and fearless.

 Seek help and offer help:

It is time when the whole of humanity should come together, it might sound like a cliché but the crux of the matter is that it is the fact. If you are stuck in the UK and not finding where to get food, then search on the web you can find volunteers distributing food.

If you see a poor or homeless man on the street, then make sure that you offer help that could be in the form of some food or money or emotional support. It is the time when you can understand the importance of the sense of compassion by offing help to others and observing how people show compassion towards you.

Maintain physical and social distancing but stay emotionally connected:

During this pandemic the only thing that can save the world is “social and physical distancing” but in the event, you should not grow cold. You should remain emotionally connected. Whether you are in Dubai or in New York City, just make a phone call to your home or loved ones or clap for the frontline health workers and responders to cheer them up.

  • Stay in touch with your embassy and stay connected to the world on the digital platform
  • Stay informed and be positive
  • Accept the challenge that life has thrown you while you are stuck in the middle of a country that you are not so familiar with

The crux of the matter is that time will change, the situations will change and perhaps the world and way of life would change. Your tour amidst the pandemic might have a transformative effect.

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